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Cruise Ireland is the group name for Carrickcraft, Waveline Cruisers, Locaboat Holidays Ireland and Linssen Boating Holidays in Ireland.


Carrickcraft was founded over 45 years ago in Carrick-on-Shannon (hence the name) by Eric and Marie Thomas, who added another marina in Banagher soon after and then one on Lough Erne at Knockninny in 1994. The present owner, John Morton, bought the company in 1999 and, through lots of ups and downs, steered the company to where we are today. The Lough Erne marina was moved from Knockninny to Bellanaleck which is closer to Enniskillen.


Waveline Cruisers was founded 20 years ago by Sven and Anita Neubert, who had moved from Germany to make a life in Ireland. Waveline was very successful and benefited from the Neubert's German connections. Then in 2015 we all merged and Sven and Anita moved back to Germany and set up a marketing company near Stuttgart and they handle all the business from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Linssen Boating Holidays

And for 2017, we have added some lovely new Linssen cruisers and have joined Linssen Boating Holidays selling Linssens in Ireland. Linssen boats are renowned throughout Europe for the quality of their design and build.

In 2018, we joined the Locaboat group of companies and for the 2019 season we will have a selection of Penichettes© in the fleet, as well as another Linssen.

Proud of our company

We are very proud of our company and the service we offer and we know you will enjoy your holiday in Ireland - it is a unique combination of laid-back solitude followed by a lively night in the pub. It's hard to describe but it's that subtle friendliness that you find everywhere - advice on where to go tomorrow, maybe where the local pub is having a traditional music night, or maybe where you shouldn't go!

And then in the evening, the pubs and bars are welcoming to all visitors - and as we say in Ireland, "the craic was mighty". Another strange expression but it means fun and a pint or two and great banter.

Our staff are our biggest asset and they will give you a big welcome and help you out whenever they can. In addition to our permanent staff, we have dozens of casual staff in the summer who will clean and prepare your boat.