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Extras and All-Inclusive Package

We are often asked what "Extras" have to be paid as well as the hire cost. The main ones are:


You will be required to pay for all diesel used for motoring and heating at the end of your holiday. This works the same as a hire-car - you get the boat full of diesel and we fill it up when you return and you pay for the diesel used.

Insurance Excess Waiver

There is an insurance excess on each boat of up to €1,750 to cover damage or loss. We take a pre-authorisation on your credit card for this amount but it is returned in full if the boat is returned undamaged to the right marina at the right time. You can reduce this by paying a one-off non-refundable "waiver".

Wave Duke, Tyrone and Carlow Class have an excess of €1,200. This can be reduced to €150 by paying a one-off waiver of €105.

WavePrincess, Limerick, WaveEarl, Kilkenny, Wexford, WaveQueen, Clare, Penichette 1165/1120/1020 have an excess of €1,500. This can be reduced to €175 by paying a one-off waiver of €130.

Linssen 34.9, Linssen 35, Longford, Waterford, Tipperary, Fermanagh, Roscommon, Penichette 1500/1400 have an excess of €1,750.  This can be reduced to €250 by paying a one-off waiver of €165.  


The boats are hired as self-catering accommodation and you are required to return the boat in a clean state, with all dishes washed and put away, bins emptied and beds stripped.You should also sweep all floors and the decks should be cleaned and free of mud and dirt. The bathrooms should be cleaned as well. There is an option to pay for extra cleaning to cover the inside and outside general clean. The prices for 2023 are as follows:


                                     Boat Cleaning Charge
Carlow, Limerick, Tyrone, Wave Duke, Wave Princess €35 / GB£30
Kilkenny, Wave Earl, Wexford €60 / GB£50
Penichette 1165 €70
Waterford, Tipperary, Fermanagh, WaveQueen, Clare, Longford €80 / GB£70
Roscommon, Penichette 1120, Penichette 1020 €90
Linssen 35, Linssen 34.9 €100 / GB£95
Penichette 1500, Penichette 1400 €105




All-Inclusive Package

So to make life easier, we can offer an All-Inclusive package which includes all diesel used for motoring and heating, the Insurance Waiver and the cleaning service. The price depends on the size of the boat and how long you will be with us.